Many things are changing throughout the games we love. In the Race For The Throne, the Legend of the Five Rings setting prepares to choose a new emperor. Their game system has stopped making d20 material, and the attempt to plan a converted game was interrupted by the dishonor of 4e. Now, an ambitious campaign takes on a new task even before play has begun. To convert to the Pathfinder setting and continue the spirit of DnD as it's rightful heirs continue under a new name. Players are carefully being cultured and screened. Rules are being adjusted with one thing in mind: to give up to eight players a fabulous time in a fantastic setting, where the world of Rokugan will be turned on its head. If it can ever be righted, the people of the Emerald Empire will never be the same again. The Shadowlands will gain in strength while the Great Clans bicker over an emperor. The Lion, Right Hand of the Empire, will suffer losses in war against both Unicorn and Crane. The office of the Jade Champion, defender of the empire from evil and unclean magic, will be undermined by its own power-hungry agents. In the moment that the Empire is most vulnerable, who will defend the children of the Kami from the forces arrayed against them? You will.

The Black Chrysanthemum